Gear & Axe

Session 0, Day 0

You all fought alongside Earl Bromkar Floki during the Coven War. Whether you were from this world or from Earl Bromkar’s Odin worshipping world of Mid-Realm, you fought alongside of him for the forces allied with the human kingdoms against those of the Coven. Now that Earl Bromkar has been granted his own city and castle, Attigen. He has chosen to settle and rule here, but not ready to settle down, you have come together with your former brothers (and sisters) in arms to form an adventuring company. These are some ways you might have come to fight with Bromkar:

  • You were a sworn warrior of Bromkar’s clan.
  • You were taken slave as a spoil of war in one of his raids, but have proven yourself so he has freed you.
  • You were from Rhodic/Duri/Daemineria/Fankoria/Jeznar assigned to fight with Bromkar and grew to respect him as a leader and now your commision with your home country is complete now that their war has ended.
  • Or other…

Attigen is a medium sized town, but a heavily fortified castle. It sits on the the coast of the mainland near the Duri Federation. It is also on the edge of the former territories controlled by the Coven which the covered by dense forests and mountains. Within those dark lands, the monsters that served the Coven have receded (or lay in hiding) and their riches remain to be discovered.



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