Gear & Axe

Session 33, Day 76

Day 76

  • In secret, Vaunk, snuck into the temple of Odin, searching for the enchanted pistol, Black Rain.
    • In disguise he asked an acolyte, brother Igvar, where the pistol was, but Igvar saw through the disguise.
    • Igvar did not sound the alarm given the party’s friendship with Earl Bromkar.
    • Acolyte Humet is selling stout which he claims is infused with Black Rain / Valkyrie essence.
    • His ruse revealed, Vaunk left the temple.
  • Brokmund’s engineer minion invents steam-powered mechanical tools and is given his own workshop/home.
  • A popular new pulp novel arrives in Attigen: The Gnome with No Name, Vaunk, and the Gun of Death by Kudzu Poppinberry.
    • The cover has an accurate, moving, illusionary image of Vaunk drawing pistols in the streets of Gai’Moora.
    • Vaunk defeated the quickling gunslinger Jaezin Bor in the Shell-less Mermaid (described as a giant gladiatorial arena).
    • His party members are described in varying levels of incompentance that Vaunk has to rescue constantly.
      • Brokmunkar Jr – son of Earl Bromkar who keeps dropping his rapier.
      • Gilly – the really slow witted orc who wrestles everything, including furniture.
      • Kun Kun – a warforged monk prone to over-heating and catching on fire.
      • Myfon – the knight who moves so slowly he’s always late to everything.
      • Shamash – the kobold musketeer who needs spectacles to see far, but always loses them.
      • Steek – Vaunk’s mentally challenged brother who Vaunk promised their mother he would take care of.
      • Trothgate – blood thirsty priest of Loki who’s always trying to sacrafice people.
    • Vaunk woke the Tameen princess Miratari, converted her from a mummy with a kiss, and now she is in love with him.



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