Gear & Axe

Session 34, Day 77-78

Day 77

  • The party finished all down-time activity.
  • That evening, Brokmund, Trothgar, and everyone in Attigen who worships the Mid-Realm gods experience a shared dream: In an empty longhouse adorned with riches, a dwarf with a mechanical eye said while laughing, “My thanks to Bromkar for getting me into Valhalla.” He then shot the dreamer with a musket.

Day 78

  • The body of the same one-eyed dwarf was found partially burned in Attigen’s bay. Earl Bromkar identified him as the assassin Habar Blackrock known for scores of unhonorable kills, including Bromkar’s own father.
  • Bromkar had tracked him down years before, but instead of giving him an honorable death by the blade or an execution, threw him in a Mid-Realm prison, one of the worse punishments among the Mid-Realm faithful.
  • While the souldrinking pistol, Black Rain, was in possession of High Priest Olof of Odin, he had shepherded almost a dozen souls who died around Attigen to Valhalla or denying them access to the best of his judgement. But when the soul of Habar appeared before him the day before, he saw a fierce dwarven warrior, and allowed him access. But Habar certainly did not deserve it.
  • Habar’s body was adorned with runed tattoos that carried a spell to corrupt the afterworld. Earl Bromkar suspects his enemies are using Black Rain to attack both Valhalla and himself.
  • Black Rain is now indestructable by mundane means, having fused more with the soul of the valkyrie Sigrund.
  • Bromkar asked that the party once again take possession of Black Rain and to do one of the following: find a way to separate the Sigrund from it, destroy it, or at least keep it moving so his enemies cannot continue to poison the afterworld which will eventually recover, but not if more poisoned souls are sent.
  • Bromkar reported that Habar was seen briefly in Attigen with someone short in stature, but always cloaked.
  • Gilly used his popularity as Attigen’s foremost brewmaster to learn that Habar was held in the Mid-Realm prison of Arrootakenstik, near the frost giant lands, but now that prison has not communicated with anyone for weeks.
  • The party decided to disassemble Black Rain, splitting the pieces among Trothgar and Brokmund for safe keeping as they travel.
  • The party decided to travel to Kwalesh’s secret lair, deep in Coven territory in The Swamp of the Hag, where they hope to find a way to free Sigrund from the gun.
  • The party hired an airship captain crazy enough to fly into the territory for 1300 gp, and to wait for them at the site for 35 gp a day (paid in advance for 14 days). The flight will take 20-21 days.
  • The party sends a message to Tark saying that they cannot help him clear the shipping lane yet, but they will in the future. He responds, “That’s okay. Please get to it as soon as you can. Let me know.”



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