Gear & Axe

Session 45, Day 90-94

Day 90

  • Baldar of Heimdall joined the party.

Day 92

  • Pikos Shadegree joined the party. He teleported to Beyfor’s ship and reported:
    • A fight broke out between Lady Minua’s bodyguards and Mid Realm generals. Three generals and some bodyguards died.
    • Lady Minua and most of the native Geans fortified inside the inner keep of Attigen. The native Mid Realm people are clamoring for blood outside.
    • A class room of children from both worlds in the inner keep was about to be attacked by masked men when Mivra the necromancer led a force of undead cows, pigs, and chicken to fight them back.
    • With the children held up in the inner keep the Mid Realmers hold back the attack.

Day 93

  • The tiefling noble Matron Alessya Malbun teleported to Beyfor’s ship, and informed them that her house is under threat of attack in Attigen.
  • Aazar and Invectorus “Blaze” Malbun joined the party.

Day 94

  • The party arrived in Attigen.
  • Astrild Shriespar, ex-wife of Earl Bromkar, met with the party and asked for the body of Bromkar to observe the proper funeral rights (burning). The party convinced her that they will confer with Lady Minua first.
  • Invectorus convinced the Rhodic warship Helios to allow Beyfor’s ship to land and discuss things with Lady Minua.
  • When they landed, Conaur, captain of Lady Minua’s guard, demanded the disarment and arrest of Trothgar. The party refused and Conaur and his men attacked.



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