Gear & Axe

Session 48, Day 94

Day 94

  • The necromancer Yorin sends a Sending to both Brokmund and Trothgar demanding that his daughter be released by midnight or he will pervert the soul of Earl Bromkar.
  • The party interrogated Conaur discovering that:
    • He prayed to the goddess Hel and allowed the dwarven assassin entry to Attigen and ritually sacraficed the dwarf to poison Valhalla through the gun Black Rain.
    • He allowed a Gai’Moora pirate, and agent of the necromancer Yorin, into Attigen and gave him access to the docks where the pirate found the party’s plans to travel to the Swamp of the Hag.
    • He sent masked killers to kill the school children in the inner keep, but was stopped by Mivra’s undead livestock.
    • He is in contact with other agents against Attigen who meet and conspire in masks in the wine cellar of the royal longhouse.
  • Trothgar executed Conaur with Brokmund’s sword (which once belonged to Neerio, the teacher of both Brokmund and Conaur).



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