Gear & Axe

Session 49. Day 94-105

Day 94

  • Invectorus met with his brother-in-law, the Dread Lord Bublianus (“Bubbles”) and asked if his contacts from the lower planes could give Beyfor the use of his legs.
    • Bublianus said he could, but he would need Beyfor’s soul after he dies. The party turned it down.
  • Baldar, Brokmund, and Trothgar went to the temple of Thor to commune with the god through the valkyrie Sigrund. They asked her what it would cost to give Beyfor the same boon. Sigrund offered two options:
    • Steal the Spear of Ares from his high temple in Rhodic
    • Transfer Beyfor’s disability to another willing creature. Brokmund takes on his disability.
  • The Mid Realmers accepted Beyfor as their new leader and regent for the young Acheas,
  • Mivra told her father, the necromancer Yorin, that she is staying in Attigen and trying to lead a life of good. Yorin promised to pervert Bromkar’s soul.
  • Mivra told the party that her great grand nephew, Professor Mortico, in Daemineria might know where her father is.

Day 95-105

  • Beyfor took Attigen’s fleet and cleared the trade pass leading to Daemineria of Githyankie.
  • There is a permanent opening to the Astral Plane in that pass. Beyfore leaves ships to guard it.
  • Invectorus sailed his ship to help clear the pass.
  • Trothgar remained in Attigen to create a magic shield for Baldar.

Loot: 1200 gp to each party member, Trident of Fish Command, Bag of Tricks (rust)

Small-sized steamplate with steamjets
Steamplate engine equiped to give a medium creature a fly speed of 40. Using a flyng move consumes 0.2 lbs of elemental coal. (steamjets can be retrofited to a larger suit of steamplate as a gift from Beyfor, allowing a medium to fly at 30 and a large to fly at 20)

Battleaxe +1 “Jumper”
3 charges
Detect a nearby portal or teleport within 100 feet or as recent as 24 hours
See the other side of a closed portal, requires concentration
The wielder may follow a teleport that happened in 24 hours
At dawn, Jumper recharges 1d3 charges



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