Gear & Axe

Session 59, Day 130

Day 130
Morning to mid-afternoon

  • The party rested on the Sloar’s Embrace airship.
  • Howellian Tark docked in Daemineria and brought his own soldiers to search for the spellweaver who attacked Mevrix the Enchanter.
  • An announcement came across Daemineria’s giant crystal orbs announcing the deaths of students and the search for Professor Mortico as a person of interest.
    Late afternoon to early evening
  • Near the Tipsy Cauldron inn Pikos made an arrangement with the local thieves guild, The Dancing Tricksters, to look over any damage caused to the inn up-to and including possible deaths of locals by the party.
  • Brokmund discovored from the stable boy that Mortico had checked out of the inn in the afternoon.
  • From the innkeeper, the party discovered that Mortico worked with a local group called The Green Scarves, ex-military who work as hired muscle and live in the abandoned weather station in the Poor Quarter.
  • The party went to the abandoned weather station to find that it was hosting a weekly soup line for the poor and that it appeared to be an abandoned arcane lab from the outside.
  • A storm was starting to roll in.



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