Gear & Axe

Session 8, Day 19-20

The party celebrated and rested for a couple days after returning from the Twilight’s Hollow Mines.

Day 19 evening

  • Earl Bromkar introduced the party to Myron (Tom’s new PC), a friend and warrior, who recently returned from the town of Gai Moor’a with a report of the major players. Additionally Bromkar adds:
    • The gnomes holding the five remaining miners are trying to sell them as slaves in Gai Moor’a but have run into unexpected trouble.
  • Howellan Tark introduced himself to the party. He is a Fankorian industrialist and provided weapons and vehicles to Earl Bromkar and other allied forces including the warforged K’un L’un himself. In a private conversation with K’un L’un, Howellan revealed that he still has access to a diagnostic mode in the warforg’s subconscious.

Day 20 morning

  • The party set out on a merchant ship to Gai Moor’a officially as mercenary guard to make a more subtle entrance. Howie Tark is also on board hoping to setup trade contracts with Gai Moora if they open trade with Attigen and/or the Duri Federation.
  • Before even leaving sight of Attigen they were attacked by giant octopi and then sahaugin.



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