Bromkar Floki, Earl

Earl and lord of Attigen


Fifty year old human.


One of the first Mid-Realm earls to bring his clan warriors into this world, the now fifty year old Bromkar raided the lands belonging to the humans of Rhodic and The Duri Federation alike. For years during the Coven wars he harassed the allied kingdoms from the rear, but when the allies discovered that Bromkar was not fighting for the Coven and only for himself they struck a bargain. By promising him land to settle within the borders of Rhodic, Bromkar joined the allies and he and his warriors were some of the allies’ fiercest fighters. Bromkar embraces the technology and traditions of both worlds, and even took a young Rhodic wife after the war ended when he settled his new lands.

Killed rescuing subjects from the necromancer Yorin. His soul was trapped in the enspelled gun, Black Rain.

First wife: elven warrior; children: Beyfor, Freatha

Current wife: Lady Minua; child: Acheas

Bromkar Floki, Earl

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