Gear & Axe

Session 16, Day 28

Gilly attacks hobgoblin with beer mugs

Steen kills hobgoblin with spell

Vaunk offers 100gp for every dead hobgoblin or the quickling

Vaunk kills Jaezin

Session 15, Day 28

Day 28 – early morning

  • Party defeated the mini-Kraken and took the petrified gnome, The Fonk.
  • They party dropped the unconscious Virtok off in an alley.
  • The party went to the Greasy Girallon to see Kiri.
  • The party Un-petrified the Fonk.
    • Kiri and the Fonk will wait in Gai’Moora to help the party hoping they will help save their village from being destroyed by Earl Bromkar.
  • The gems with transmuted dwarves were given to Brother Vitel for safe keeping.
  • The town of Gai’Moora was put in lock-down as the Sons of the Kraken are looking for the strangers who stole from them. The gates are closed and two pirate ships are preventing any other ships from leaving port.
  • Brother Vitel arrived and reported that Tark and the Grimtooth Battalion are going to make their transaction that night for the contraband steamplate and the elemental coal stolen from Attigen’s mines.
  • The party went to the bar with the Grimtooth are waiting before the sale, The Shell-less Mermaid (a mercenary bar which has a fighting pit). They go into the bar under the guise of The Company of the Iron Coin
    • Grimtooth present: four hobgoblins, a hill giant outside, and a quickling commander.

Loot: (from Virtok) 100 PP, 10 gems, ornate blunderbuss

Session 14, Day 28

Day 28 – early morning

Party continued to battle the mini-kraken and their puppet, Virtok.

Session 13, Day 27-28

Day 27

  • The party left the necromancer’s (Yorin) tower and rested before infiltrating the Sons of the Kraken’s throne room to rescue/pilfer The Fonk and the remaining dwarven miners in the gnome’s possession.
  • Brokmund finalized the purchase of a smithy which he donated to temple of Brokkr/Odin/Thor.
  • Brother Vitel informed the party that Tark found a buyer for his contraband suits of steamplate and it is non other than the Grimtooth Battalion. They are still negotiating a price.

Day 28 – early morning

  • In the dark of night the party snuck into the throne room. Steen tried to silently approach the petrified body of The Fonk, but was discovered by a vapid human named Virtok.
  • A man-sized squid revealed himself from behind the throne, from the other side of a clear wall that holds back a giant tank of water. It sent a tentacle through a sealed hole in the glass wall and possessed Virtok to speak through the human. The giant squid is in fact a child of the giant Kraken which died fighting the animated sea turtle during The Coven War.
    • When the druid awakened the giant squid and charmed it, the druid did not know that the squid was pregnant. Its children were also given intelligence. And psychic powers.
    • Tens of thousands of children of the Kraken rule Gai Moor’a.
  • Six mini-kraken entered the room piloting small jars on robot legs to attack the party.
Session 12, Day 27

Day 27

  • The party went to the tower of Yorin, the necromancer, to request the Scroll of Greater Restoration to free The Fonk from petrification.
  • Yorin’s daughter Mivra brought them to her father sleeping off a recent drinking session (Mivra suggests this is a common event).
  • Mivra locks the party in the room trapped with hungry zombies her father has forgotten to feed. And his angry flesh golem.
  • The party fought their way through enough zombies and the flesh golem to wake Yorin.
  • Yorin is always wiling to cause the Sons of the Kraken trouble and gladly gave the party the scroll of Greater Restoration.
  • The command word to revert the gems to the miners is: “f*&# turtle”
Session 11, Day 26

Day 26

  • The party defeated the remaining minotaurs only to discover they were valkyries in disguise. One valkyrie, Siggy (Sigrund), is still trapped inside Black Rain.
  • A face of an old man with an eye-patch (Odin) appeared on the holy tree ordering the valkyries to cease testing of the party. They had wanted to test their courage and to ask why the party had been helping deserters like Brother Vitel.
  • The god Odin agreed with the party that the deserters should get a second chance to earn a place in Valhalla, and if Sigrund was trapped in the gun, it was her own fault.
  • Brother Vitel informed the party that Kiri was held up in a gnome workshop named the Greasy Girallon.
  • The party made deal with Kiri: Save The Fonk who was turned to stone by the Sons of the Kraken and convince Bromkar not to destroy their village. In return they will return the miners.
    • The miners were transmuted into gem form by the necromancer.
    • Kiri has two miners whom she returns. The Fonk has the other three frozen on his person.
Session 10, Day 26

Day 26

  • Brokmund went to the Gai Moor’a town hall to register the deed for a newly purchased property near the altar to the Mid Realm gods. There he discovered that Gai Moor’a was recruiting all available mercenaries including a group of stone giants from the Granite People led by Samartan.
  • Passing by the altar, Brokmund discovered that minotaurs from a Mid Realm unit called The Winged Warriors (renowned for their courage during the war) were standing guard outside of the altar building, not letting anyone enter.
  • When the party arrived, they heard Brother Vitel scream in pain and attacked. The minotaurs were led by a dwarf woman named Siggy who was killed and soul-drained by Vaunk’s pistol, Black Rain.
  • With their leader down, the minotaurs continue to fight.
Session 9, Day 20-26

Day 20 – 26

  • The party continued to sail towards the neutral town of Gai Moor’a
    • Encountered giant crabs, a friendly group of aquatic elves allied with Earl Bromkar, and outraced a pirate ship
    • The night before arriving at Gai Moor’a, Howie Tark brought the two party members on watch (K’un L’un and Brokmund) to the back of the boat and showed them his toolkit, offering upgrades for K’un L’un should he want.
  • Upon arrival in Gai Moor’a the party took to the streets under the guise of mercenary guards on shore leave. The ship was asked to wait until the party is ready to leave.
    • Visiting a shrine to the Mid Realm gods, Throthgar developed a rapport with the devout deserters seeking redemption in the eyes of Odin and Thor. Led by the old veteran, Brother Vitel, the faithful reported that the gnomes tried to sell the dwarven miners to the Sons of the Kraken, but neither the gnomes or the dwarves have been seen since that meeting over two weeks ago.
    • Visiting the slave market Brokmund buys a Fankorian engineer (Bob) to give him a second chance. The party is told that the gnomes, led by The Fonk, tried to sell the dwarves in the market originally, but said they would get ten fold the price from the Sons of the Kraken because the dwarves had political value. The engineer is sent to the boat to wait for the party.

Day 26

  • Myron hit the street and discovered that Tark is taking bids for smuggled suits of steamplate he’s trying to sell. This goes against the wishes of Earl Bromkar who does not want more weapons sold to a town he wants fealty from.
  • Vaunk also hit the streets and was accosted by Sons of the Kraken guard who were looking for a certain “country” gnome. They offered a reward for information leading to this gnome’s location.
Session 8, Day 19-20

The party celebrated and rested for a couple days after returning from the Twilight’s Hollow Mines.

Day 19 evening

  • Earl Bromkar introduced the party to Myron (Tom’s new PC), a friend and warrior, who recently returned from the town of Gai Moor’a with a report of the major players. Additionally Bromkar adds:
    • The gnomes holding the five remaining miners are trying to sell them as slaves in Gai Moor’a but have run into unexpected trouble.
  • Howellan Tark introduced himself to the party. He is a Fankorian industrialist and provided weapons and vehicles to Earl Bromkar and other allied forces including the warforged K’un L’un himself. In a private conversation with K’un L’un, Howellan revealed that he still has access to a diagnostic mode in the warforg’s subconscious.

Day 20 morning

  • The party set out on a merchant ship to Gai Moor’a officially as mercenary guard to make a more subtle entrance. Howie Tark is also on board hoping to setup trade contracts with Gai Moora if they open trade with Attigen and/or the Duri Federation.
  • Before even leaving sight of Attigen they were attacked by giant octopi and then sahaugin.
Session 7, Day 9-17

Day 9 afternoon

  • The party entered the back of the mine where they found an even larger Tameen section. Four miners were tied up in the center with their packs. When Brokmund approached, his former master Neerio came out from a side chamber and warned him not approach as their packs were trapped. Neerio had betrayed the miners and Earl Bromkar.
  • Remnants of the Coven squad known as the Grimtooth Battalion emerged to challenge the party: Smash the ogre wielding a small naval canon and four hobgoblins. Neerio offered to broker a payout to the party, but neither the party or the Grimtooth members seemed interested.
  • During the fight Princess Miratari tried to cast Earthquake, but her spell failed. She regrouped and successfully cast Cure Wounds on Thjafi instead.
  • The party defeated the Grimtooth members and captured Neerio.
  • They found in another room some more Tameen artifacts and treasures.

Loot: 8 gems (50 gp), 2300 cp, 170 sp, 30 gp, studded leather +1, rapier +1, schematics to cartridge shots

(Identified from previous session)

Blackrain – pistol +1, intelligent; three shot revolver taking cartridge shots

  • Special purpose: templar (tasked with protecting the children of Pharaoh Soophis); souldrinker (when you reduce a creature to 0 hit points, the pistol slays the creature and drinks its soul, unless it is a construct or an undead. A creature whose soul has been drunk by Blackrain can be restored to life only by a wish spell. When it drinks a soul, Blackrain grants you temporary hit points equal to one fifth the slain creature’s hit point maximum. These hit points fade after 24 hours. As long as these temporary hit points last and you keep Blackrain in hand, its magical bonus becomes +2, and you have +1 on saving throws and ability checks.)

Scale Mail +1

Day 10-17

  • The party returned the miners and Neerio to Attigen to the celebration of the town and the thanks of Earl Bromkar.
  • The party told Bromkar that Miratari is an orphan they found along the way.
  • Brokmund executes Neerio for his betrayal.
  • The party has the following options for their next action:
    • A phantom airship is disrupting a trade route
    • The gnome village of Burrabor who sheltered five miners were upset when the party killed one of their scouts so they sent the miners to a slave market. (current choice)
    • Earl Bromkar has ordered the siege and destruction of Burrabor.
    • Miratari is still trying to orient herself to this new modern world, but she thinks she could find her way to Kwalish’s other hidden cryo-chamber.
    • The Grimtooth Battalion led by the quickling gunslinger Jaezin Bor is off to sell the stolen elemental coal.

Loot: 800 gp each for securing the mines and rescuing some of the miners


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