Gear & Axe

Session 52, Day 116-119

Day 116

  • The party defeated the cambions.

Day 118

  • The party arrived at Frey’s Grave, where the Mid Realm god died at the end of the Coven War.
    • A small camp has been allowed to be established on the site by Attigen to study the body of the fallen god.
    • The body of the fallen god has melded into the side of mountain with the steam-powered sword of the shaper who killed him stuck through his body and the side of the mountain. Fankorian technicians and spellcasters have not been able to remove the sword.
    • Worshippers of Frey have also gathered hoping for any sign from their fallen god.

Day 119

  • The party started to travel into the pass.
  • A distress call came in through the soundcone from a male named Sillfer. He said his balloon had crashed and he needed help.
  • Invectrorus did not trust Sillfer and refused to help.
  • Sillfer offered secret new technology and that he was being hunted by Fankorians, but Invectorus was not convinced and ordered his crew to move on.
  • A couple hours later three flying shapers came by looking for a downed balloon. They said they were with the Fankorian Fifth Air Legion.
    • The crow’s nest saw mostly unmarked, grey shapers with the designation “L5” marked on their shoulders.
  • Invectorus informed them that they had heard from a downed ballooner, but did not find his location.
  • The shapers thanked him for the information and flew on.
  • When the shapers flew by some of the other party members remember from the war that designations of “L+number” designate Fankorian government research labs (Lab 1, Lab 2, etc.) though they often had other markings as well.

Loot: (cambions) 2 spears, 1 cambion-fitted scale mail, 90 gp

Session 53, Day 120-121

Day 120

  • The party traveled further into the pass.

Day 121

  • The party passed the open portal to the Astral Plane guarded by three airships from Attigen.
  • An unstable portal appeared in front of the Sloar’s Embrace and pulled the party into the Astral Plane.
  • In the Astral the massive body of the god Frey could be seen decaying as a massive land mass miles away, reclining in the same position as his body was on the side of the mountain in Gea.
  • While drifting through the Astral the party was attacked by a Mind Flayer and his minotaur thralls.
  • The Mind Flayer was killed and the minotaurs were freed from their psychic domination.
  • The minotaurs (Chuck, Mignon, Ribeye, and Flank) are librarians and will continue research on the permanent portal between the Astral and Gea from the Astral side.
  • The party returned to Gea and continues traveling the pass.
Session 54, Day 122-128

Day 122-127

  • The party continued to travel to Daemineria traversing the second half of the mountain pass.

Day 128

  • They spent extra time (+ 3/4 of a day) to come in from the northeast of Daemineria, the opposite direction of the sighting for the Krakken’s Anvil.
  • They were attacked by roving chimera.
Session 55, Day 128-129

Day 128

  • The party defeated the chimeras attacking their airship, The Sloar’s Embrace.
  • The warforged crew member (#10) perished.
  • Reaching the arcane city of Daemineria the party’s airship was greeted by two Daeminerian dragons.
  • A nearly blind bronze dragon named Huronillin inspected the airship while her companion, a huge gold dragon named Aurajax flew nearby.
  • Aurajax asked Huronillion if there were individuals on the airship that matched the party, but Huronillion’s poor vision did not recognize them.
  • Huronilion reported that on the tip of Regent Beyfor of Attigen they searched for Yorin’s airship and engaged in a great battle. They chased off the Krakken’s Anvil, but Huronillon’s mate died (a copper dragon), and Yorin dragged off her body.
  • Once docked, the party arranged with the enchanter Mevrick and his student Calvor to teleport the disguised plow shares to his laboratory. They got paid 1,000 gp just for arriving in Daemineria.

Day 129

  • When the party teleported to Mevrick’s lab, Mevrick was attacked by a spellweaver and his ogre minions. The spellweaver claimed that Mevrick stole time manipulating gems from him and ordered the party to leave.
  • The party left the plows and the final payment.
Session 56, Day 129-130

Day 129 evening

  • On their way to Professor Mortico’s house a public announcement aired through Daemineria showing the public execution of a flesh golem charged with murder. The execution was performed by a well-known wizard named Maximilian.
  • The party investigated Professor Mortico’s house and found that the windows were magically darkened.
  • An Arcane Eye discovered party-goers dressed as undead inside, but among them were real undead (6 wights).
  • Professor Mortico was not there, but instructions on the care and feeding of his carnivorous plant was found.

Day 130 morning

  • The party returned to try to kidnap the plant.
  • Pikos snuck unto the roof but was attacked by two invisible undead wyverns.
  • The party attacked, heading to the roof and breaking into the first floor.

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