Gear & Axe

Session 53, Day 120-121

Day 120

  • The party traveled further into the pass.

Day 121

  • The party passed the open portal to the Astral Plane guarded by three airships from Attigen.
  • An unstable portal appeared in front of the Sloar’s Embrace and pulled the party into the Astral Plane.
  • In the Astral the massive body of the god Frey could be seen decaying as a massive land mass miles away, reclining in the same position as his body was on the side of the mountain in Gea.
  • While drifting through the Astral the party was attacked by a Mind Flayer and his minotaur thralls.
  • The Mind Flayer was killed and the minotaurs were freed from their psychic domination.
  • The minotaurs (Chuck, Mignon, Ribeye, and Flank) are librarians and will continue research on the permanent portal between the Astral and Gea from the Astral side.
  • The party returned to Gea and continues traveling the pass.
Session 52, Day 116-119

Day 116

  • The party defeated the cambions.

Day 118

  • The party arrived at Frey’s Grave, where the Mid Realm god died at the end of the Coven War.
    • A small camp has been allowed to be established on the site by Attigen to study the body of the fallen god.
    • The body of the fallen god has melded into the side of mountain with the steam-powered sword of the shaper who killed him stuck through his body and the side of the mountain. Fankorian technicians and spellcasters have not been able to remove the sword.
    • Worshippers of Frey have also gathered hoping for any sign from their fallen god.

Day 119

  • The party started to travel into the pass.
  • A distress call came in through the soundcone from a male named Sillfer. He said his balloon had crashed and he needed help.
  • Invectrorus did not trust Sillfer and refused to help.
  • Sillfer offered secret new technology and that he was being hunted by Fankorians, but Invectorus was not convinced and ordered his crew to move on.
  • A couple hours later three flying shapers came by looking for a downed balloon. They said they were with the Fankorian Fifth Air Legion.
    • The crow’s nest saw mostly unmarked, grey shapers with the designation “L5” marked on their shoulders.
  • Invectorus informed them that they had heard from a downed ballooner, but did not find his location.
  • The shapers thanked him for the information and flew on.
  • When the shapers flew by some of the other party members remember from the war that designations of “L+number” designate Fankorian government research labs (Lab 1, Lab 2, etc.) though they often had other markings as well.

Loot: (cambions) 2 spears, 1 cambion-fitted scale mail, 90 gp

Session 51, Day 116

Day 116, late afternoon

  • The party was attacked by cambions
Session 50, Day 105-116

Day 105-115

  • Invectorus and the Attigen fleet returned home.
  • Aazar paid a diviner to scry the necromancer’s ship. He saw that it was making repairs in the mountains outside of Daemineria.
  • Word was sent to Daemineria that the necromancer’s ship was in the mountains nearby.
  • Howellan Tark asked the party to transport ten giant metal claws disguised as plowshares to an enchanter in Daemineria. The nature of the items must not be revealed to authorities in Daemineria. They accepted 2,000 gp up front with 2,225 to be paid upon delivery in Daemineria.

Day 116

  • The party departs.
Session 49. Day 94-105

Day 94

  • Invectorus met with his brother-in-law, the Dread Lord Bublianus (“Bubbles”) and asked if his contacts from the lower planes could give Beyfor the use of his legs.
    • Bublianus said he could, but he would need Beyfor’s soul after he dies. The party turned it down.
  • Baldar, Brokmund, and Trothgar went to the temple of Thor to commune with the god through the valkyrie Sigrund. They asked her what it would cost to give Beyfor the same boon. Sigrund offered two options:
    • Steal the Spear of Ares from his high temple in Rhodic
    • Transfer Beyfor’s disability to another willing creature. Brokmund takes on his disability.
  • The Mid Realmers accepted Beyfor as their new leader and regent for the young Acheas,
  • Mivra told her father, the necromancer Yorin, that she is staying in Attigen and trying to lead a life of good. Yorin promised to pervert Bromkar’s soul.
  • Mivra told the party that her great grand nephew, Professor Mortico, in Daemineria might know where her father is.

Day 95-105

  • Beyfor took Attigen’s fleet and cleared the trade pass leading to Daemineria of Githyankie.
  • There is a permanent opening to the Astral Plane in that pass. Beyfore leaves ships to guard it.
  • Invectorus sailed his ship to help clear the pass.
  • Trothgar remained in Attigen to create a magic shield for Baldar.

Loot: 1200 gp to each party member, Trident of Fish Command, Bag of Tricks (rust)

Small-sized steamplate with steamjets
Steamplate engine equiped to give a medium creature a fly speed of 40. Using a flyng move consumes 0.2 lbs of elemental coal. (steamjets can be retrofited to a larger suit of steamplate as a gift from Beyfor, allowing a medium to fly at 30 and a large to fly at 20)

Battleaxe +1 “Jumper”
3 charges
Detect a nearby portal or teleport within 100 feet or as recent as 24 hours
See the other side of a closed portal, requires concentration
The wielder may follow a teleport that happened in 24 hours
At dawn, Jumper recharges 1d3 charges

Session 48, Day 94

Day 94

  • The necromancer Yorin sends a Sending to both Brokmund and Trothgar demanding that his daughter be released by midnight or he will pervert the soul of Earl Bromkar.
  • The party interrogated Conaur discovering that:
    • He prayed to the goddess Hel and allowed the dwarven assassin entry to Attigen and ritually sacraficed the dwarf to poison Valhalla through the gun Black Rain.
    • He allowed a Gai’Moora pirate, and agent of the necromancer Yorin, into Attigen and gave him access to the docks where the pirate found the party’s plans to travel to the Swamp of the Hag.
    • He sent masked killers to kill the school children in the inner keep, but was stopped by Mivra’s undead livestock.
    • He is in contact with other agents against Attigen who meet and conspire in masks in the wine cellar of the royal longhouse.
  • Trothgar executed Conaur with Brokmund’s sword (which once belonged to Neerio, the teacher of both Brokmund and Conaur).
Session 47, Day 94

Day 94

  • The party convinced Lady Minua to allow them to take Conaur prisoner and to make a case to make Beyfor regent till her son Acheas comes of age.
  • The party took Conaur with them on Beyfor’s longship and flew to where the Mid Realm people had secured Invectorus’s airship and crew.
  • The party convinced them to release the airship.
Session 46, Day 94

Day 94

  • Conaur directed attacks at Father Olaf while the high priest of Odin was still incapacitated from poison gas. An archer started firing arrows fletched with black feathers at Olaf.
  • The party defeated Conaur who was bleeding out at their feet when Lady Minua stepped out and demanded everyone to stop fighting.
Session 45, Day 90-94

Day 90

  • Baldar of Heimdall joined the party.

Day 92

  • Pikos Shadegree joined the party. He teleported to Beyfor’s ship and reported:
    • A fight broke out between Lady Minua’s bodyguards and Mid Realm generals. Three generals and some bodyguards died.
    • Lady Minua and most of the native Geans fortified inside the inner keep of Attigen. The native Mid Realm people are clamoring for blood outside.
    • A class room of children from both worlds in the inner keep was about to be attacked by masked men when Mivra the necromancer led a force of undead cows, pigs, and chicken to fight them back.
    • With the children held up in the inner keep the Mid Realmers hold back the attack.

Day 93

  • The tiefling noble Matron Alessya Malbun teleported to Beyfor’s ship, and informed them that her house is under threat of attack in Attigen.
  • Aazar and Invectorus “Blaze” Malbun joined the party.

Day 94

  • The party arrived in Attigen.
  • Astrild Shriespar, ex-wife of Earl Bromkar, met with the party and asked for the body of Bromkar to observe the proper funeral rights (burning). The party convinced her that they will confer with Lady Minua first.
  • Invectorus convinced the Rhodic warship Helios to allow Beyfor’s ship to land and discuss things with Lady Minua.
  • When they landed, Conaur, captain of Lady Minua’s guard, demanded the disarment and arrest of Trothgar. The party refused and Conaur and his men attacked.
Session 44, Day 86-90

Day 86

  • The necromancer Yorin captured the party and planned to trade them to Earl Bromkar for his imprisoned daughter.
  • Earl Bromkar communicated with each party member through a Sending, and asked them if they wanted him to negotiate for their release, attempt a violent rescue, or something else.
  • Brokmund prayed to the god Brokkr to release the soul of the valkyrie Sigrund from Black Rain and the god listened and granted his request.
  • Vaunk attempted to convince Yorin that he wanted to change sides, but was then put back into the cell.

Day 90

  • Earl Bromkar led a force of 50 flying longships to ambush the Krakken’s Anvil.
  • The Krakken was temporarily disabled by the necromancer Mivra, its necrodrive faltering. Mivra had changed sides to support Earl Bromkar.
  • Bromkar rammed his own ship into the side of the Krakken allowing them to board. While the earl fought the undead, Kiri with a crack squad of gnomes freed the party and moved them to the rescue ship.
  • As Bromkar returned to the longship, he was shot and killed by Captian Harsoka, the Death Knight, wielding Black Rain. The Attigen forces recovered his body and escaped.
  • The Krakken’s necrodrive recovered and they flew away instead of fighting off the remaining longships.
  • With Bromkar dead and un-resurrectable the Mid Realm people believed that Odin had forsaken their lord, and decide to return to Attigen and choose a new leader.
  • Beyfor warned the party that it could be a chaotic if not bloody power struggle.
  • The party decided to return as well to maintain order in Attigen.

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