Gear & Axe

Session 40, Day 85-86

Day 85

  • The party defeated the Orcs of Shargaas.
  • They discovered that the Duri Federation airship was brought down by something that withered its hull and crushed. Also there were no survivors or bodies left.
  • The party continued their journey.

Loot: 2500 cp, 1600 sp, 70 gp, 4 pistols, 6 muskets, 160 bullets, 12 horns of gunpowder, 4 kegs of gunpowder, 4 chain mail, 12 short swords, 22 days of rations, 45 days of dried food.

Day 86

  • The party came upon the ironclad pirate ship from Gai’Moora, now named the Krakken’s Anvil.
  • It has been upgraded by the necromancer Yorin and it can now fly.
  • Yorin wants to capture the party and trade them to Earl Bromkar for his captured daughter.
  • The party ran into the cover of the purple storm cloud.
Session 39, Day 85

Day 85

  • The party encountered another group of Orcs of Shargaas looting the Duri Federation airship.
  • The party engaged.
Session 38, Day 81-85

Day 81

  • The party defeated the Orcs of Shargaas.
  • Brokmund tamed a giant bat.
  • The airship limped to the village of Burrabor for repairs.
  • Beyfor told them that a known pirate from Gai’Moora, a crewmember of the ironclad The Siren’s Anvil, was asking around the docks of Attigen for the party’s plans, and learned that they were heading to the Swamp of the Hag.

Day 82

  • Repairs were made to the party’s airship, The Black Agate.

Day 83

  • The party set off again towards the Swamp of the Hag.

Day 84

  • The party flew over a dead lake, surrounded by 200 yards of dead folliage.

Day 85

  • In the early afternoon the party spotted a downed airship. It was identified as a Duri Federation warship.
  • They moved to investigate.
Session 37, Day 80-81

Day 80

  • The party defeated the un-aligned Mid-Realm longship. The longship was too damaged and was cut away to drift down to the Grimwald forest.
  • One prisoner was taken, the dwarf Breykor, who belonged to Trothgar’s clan. He said that he broke is oath to Earl Bromkar because he felt the gods had forsaken him for allowing Valhalla to be poisoned. Trothgar executed him.
  • In the evening Brokmund and Throthgar sent all the souls from the longship to Valhalla.

Loot: 45 gp, Shield of Missile Defense

Day 81

  • At the end of the afternoon, the airship was attacked by orcs riding giant bats planting bombs on top of the ship’s envelope . They are worshipers of Shargaas, the orc god of darknesss and ambush.
Session 36, Day 80

Day 80

  • The party continued their fight with the un-aligned Mid-Realm longship.
  • The dwarf from the longship bears the mark of Trothgar’s clan, and he asked Trothgar to change sides against the Geans.
  • The party killed the Mid-Realm mage, but the battle continues.
Session 35, Day 79-80

Day 79

  • The party set off on the airship The Black Agate captained by Hack Harrow, Fallyn, the first mate, and his crew.
  • Immediately after taking air, they faced an unnatural purple storm, known to house a powerful fey creature known as a Storm Rider. The Party decided to turn back and wait a day.

Day 80

  • The next day of travel was clear until sunset.
  • A flying Mid-Realm longship intercepted them coming from the north. Their sails signaled they were once part of Earl Bromkar’s fleet, but now they have painted their shields grey.
  • The longship attacked and starts to board The Black Agate.
Session 34, Day 77-78

Day 77

  • The party finished all down-time activity.
  • That evening, Brokmund, Trothgar, and everyone in Attigen who worships the Mid-Realm gods experience a shared dream: In an empty longhouse adorned with riches, a dwarf with a mechanical eye said while laughing, “My thanks to Bromkar for getting me into Valhalla.” He then shot the dreamer with a musket.

Day 78

  • The body of the same one-eyed dwarf was found partially burned in Attigen’s bay. Earl Bromkar identified him as the assassin Habar Blackrock known for scores of unhonorable kills, including Bromkar’s own father.
  • Bromkar had tracked him down years before, but instead of giving him an honorable death by the blade or an execution, threw him in a Mid-Realm prison, one of the worse punishments among the Mid-Realm faithful.
  • While the souldrinking pistol, Black Rain, was in possession of High Priest Olof of Odin, he had shepherded almost a dozen souls who died around Attigen to Valhalla or denying them access to the best of his judgement. But when the soul of Habar appeared before him the day before, he saw a fierce dwarven warrior, and allowed him access. But Habar certainly did not deserve it.
  • Habar’s body was adorned with runed tattoos that carried a spell to corrupt the afterworld. Earl Bromkar suspects his enemies are using Black Rain to attack both Valhalla and himself.
  • Black Rain is now indestructable by mundane means, having fused more with the soul of the valkyrie Sigrund.
  • Bromkar asked that the party once again take possession of Black Rain and to do one of the following: find a way to separate the Sigrund from it, destroy it, or at least keep it moving so his enemies cannot continue to poison the afterworld which will eventually recover, but not if more poisoned souls are sent.
  • Bromkar reported that Habar was seen briefly in Attigen with someone short in stature, but always cloaked.
  • Gilly used his popularity as Attigen’s foremost brewmaster to learn that Habar was held in the Mid-Realm prison of Arrootakenstik, near the frost giant lands, but now that prison has not communicated with anyone for weeks.
  • The party decided to disassemble Black Rain, splitting the pieces among Trothgar and Brokmund for safe keeping as they travel.
  • The party decided to travel to Kwalesh’s secret lair, deep in Coven territory in The Swamp of the Hag, where they hope to find a way to free Sigrund from the gun.
  • The party hired an airship captain crazy enough to fly into the territory for 1300 gp, and to wait for them at the site for 35 gp a day (paid in advance for 14 days). The flight will take 20-21 days.
  • The party sends a message to Tark saying that they cannot help him clear the shipping lane yet, but they will in the future. He responds, “That’s okay. Please get to it as soon as you can. Let me know.”
Session 33, Day 76

Day 76

  • In secret, Vaunk, snuck into the temple of Odin, searching for the enchanted pistol, Black Rain.
    • In disguise he asked an acolyte, brother Igvar, where the pistol was, but Igvar saw through the disguise.
    • Igvar did not sound the alarm given the party’s friendship with Earl Bromkar.
    • Acolyte Humet is selling stout which he claims is infused with Black Rain / Valkyrie essence.
    • His ruse revealed, Vaunk left the temple.
  • Brokmund’s engineer minion invents steam-powered mechanical tools and is given his own workshop/home.
  • A popular new pulp novel arrives in Attigen: The Gnome with No Name, Vaunk, and the Gun of Death by Kudzu Poppinberry.
    • The cover has an accurate, moving, illusionary image of Vaunk drawing pistols in the streets of Gai’Moora.
    • Vaunk defeated the quickling gunslinger Jaezin Bor in the Shell-less Mermaid (described as a giant gladiatorial arena).
    • His party members are described in varying levels of incompentance that Vaunk has to rescue constantly.
      • Brokmunkar Jr – son of Earl Bromkar who keeps dropping his rapier.
      • Gilly – the really slow witted orc who wrestles everything, including furniture.
      • Kun Kun – a warforged monk prone to over-heating and catching on fire.
      • Myfon – the knight who moves so slowly he’s always late to everything.
      • Shamash – the kobold musketeer who needs spectacles to see far, but always loses them.
      • Steek – Vaunk’s mentally challenged brother who Vaunk promised their mother he would take care of.
      • Trothgate – blood thirsty priest of Loki who’s always trying to sacrafice people.
    • Vaunk woke the Tameen princess Miratari, converted her from a mummy with a kiss, and now she is in love with him.
Session 32, Day 51-75

Day 51

  • The party killed the gnomes pretending to be generals and convinced Sylar that he was no longer in the war.
  • Slyar freed the elders and the Attigen officers from their phantasmal reality helmets.
  • The party negotiated between Burrabor and Attigen:
    • Burrabor will fall under the rule of Attigen for five years.
    • After five years Burrbor can leave for a buyout price.

Loot: Rod of Alertness, two daggers +2, Gauntlets of Ogre Power (STR 19), and 1,200 gp.

Sylar’s Spellbook (Sylar is willing to trade from his spellbook)
First: Mage Armor, Color Spray, Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Silent Image, Magic Missile, Shield, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
Second: Mirror Image, Alter Self, Phantasmal Force, Invisibility
Third: Major Image, Lightning Bolt, Counterspell, Glyph of Warding, Hypnotic Pattern

Day 52-56

  • The party traveled back to Attigen.
  • Earl Bromkar and most of his army are at Gai’Moora, negotiating its submission to the rule of Attigen.

Day 75

  • Earl Bromkar returned from Gai’Moora.
  • Most of the young kraken were killed, some were captured, some escaped
  • Gai’Moora trade guilds and war vets side with Attigen after their positive experience with the party.
  • Mid Realm vets are welcomed back into society, but Bromkar demanded that three must willingly sacrifice themselves to the gods (Virtok and two others volunteered) (note: human sacrifice is no longer common in Mid Realm society, but is still whispered as the ultimate gift to the gods among the zealously religious).
  • The necro-drive is missing.
  • The only pirate ship to escape is the The Siren’s Anvil (the ironclad).
  • Mivra the necromancer fights Attigen forces and is enslaved.
  • Yorin, her necromancer father, is missing.
  • The Grimtooth battalion is thoroughly destroyed.
  • Bromkar shares in the spoils of the Gai’Moora victory with the party.

Loot: Rapier+2, Staff of the Python, Potion of Supreme Healing (10d4+20), 6 bullets +2, Dust of Dryness, 2,500 GP

Sale: Attigen is flush with spoils. These items can be found for sale to the party:
Any weapon +1, 1000 gp
6 Greater Healing Potion (4d4 +4), 300 gp
3 Superior Healing Potion (8d4 +8), 800 gp

Session 31, Day 51

Day 51

  • Kiri left the party to convince the villagers that the party is seeking a more peaceful resolution to the siege.
  • The party entered the illusionist Sylar’s tower where they are met with a wall of fire barring their way to the second floor.
  • Gilly rushed upstairs to be downed by Sylar’s Lightning Bolt and gnome guards who also want to fight the Attigen army.
  • The party suffered through the wall of fire to rescue Gilly and engaged Slyar and his gnome guards.
  • Two of the gnome guards are dressed in poor imitation of general uniforms, and Sylar thinks he is still in the army and fighting the Coven. He thinks the party and the Attigen army are Coven.

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