Gear & Axe

Session 27, Day 50

Day 50 – morning

  • Party escaped the herd of giant boars.
  • Party back-tracked south for 1 mile, short rested, and then traveled north on the road again.
  • (early afternoon) Two faerie dragons play tricks on the party, breathing euphoric gas onto Vaunk. They left after a time.
  • (mid afternoon) The boar herd passes again, but left the party alone this time.
  • (late afternoon) Former soldiers of Wolf Hall (a city state of the Duri Federation) accosted the party for a fee of 1,200 gp to cross a bridge. They have a captured young treant who says, “I am Root.”
Session 26, Day 49-50

Day 49

  • Party defeated the satyrs leaving two alive, and one ran off chased by K’un L’un.
  • The party fought two wereboar bandits. They defeated the wereboars and let them go after robbing them.
  • Stopping to camp the party found the remnants of an Attigen supply caravan destroyed by something giant with roots for feet.
  • The party traveled another hour into dusk to make camp.

Day 50 – morning

  • The party faced down a pack of 31 giant boars.
  • K’un L’un returned unable to find the last satyr.
  • The party made a U-turn and started to run. (to be continued)

Loot: some gold from the satyrs and wereboars.

Session 25, Day 44-49

Day 45

  • The party returns to Attigen from the hunting grounds.
  • Official date: 1177 (year), 9th month, 12th day
    Day 46
  • Prep/rest
    Day 47
  • The party set off to travel to the gnome village of Burrabor on horse and a wagon.
  • They fought a brown bear
    Day 48
  • They met a lone satyr along the trail who waived and went back into the forest.
    Day 49
  • A band of five satyrs attacked.
Session 24, Day 36-43
  • The high priest Olof of Odin met with Throthgar and offers an alternative weapon to give to Vaunk in exchange for Black Rain to destroy it.
  • Trothgar and Vaunk discussed Black Rain with Miritari as the weapon was built to defend her. She announced that she has discovered the location of Kwalish’s laboratory that might be able to remove the soul of the Valkyrie from the magical gun.
    • The lab is located deep in old Coven territory in a place called the Swamp of the Hag.
    • Trothgar and Vaunk agreed to swap weapons and allow the Temple of Odin to hold onto Black Rain till they find a way to free the valkyrie.
    • If the party dies, the Temple will destroy Black Rain.
  • Brokmund met another ex-student of Neerio, a halfling named Conaur. He is a member of Lady Minua’s, wife of Earl Bromkar, personal guard.
    • Conaur swore vengeance against Bromkar and Brokmund for the death of his teacher.
    • He implied that Lady Minua is empathetic to his cause.
  • The party went to the hunting grounds to meet with Earl Bromkar and the high king of the Mid Realms.
    • They convinced Bromkar to ally with those friendly in Gai’Moora.
    • Bromkar informed the party that Tark’s mysterious friends on the airship met with a known agent of the Iron Syndicate (Iron Dragons) in Attigen the night they docked. The organization had approached the earl perviously offering an alliance with Attigen, saying they were looking for a specific component that was in a lost lair of a fallen Iron Dragon in Bromkar’s territory.
    • Instead of laying waste to the village of Burrabor, home to Kiri and The Fonk, they promised to take the gnomes to the village and convince them to agree to become Bromkar’s subjects.

Loot: Pistol of Lightning (enchanted with dwarven runes), double barreled pistol +2, can create a 5 ft wide 120 ft. long bolt of lightning originating from the wielder, 4d6 lightning damage, DC 13 Dex save for half, can be used again at the next dawn.

Session 23, Day 28-35
  • Vaunk sent a soul of a fallen Mid Realm deserter who helped the party to Valhala. He sent a second deserter ally to Garl’s realm. Vaunk judged a final soul belonging to a Sons of the Wererat comes, and he only had the option of the unknown door and Garl’s realm. Vaunk sent him to Garl’s realm.
  • On Tark’s airship, the Cha Cha Maroika, another strange group of refugees from Gai’Moora travel with the party, a strange band of ten un-marked men-at-arms who transport a floating glass container that’s 20×20×20 feet. Tark knows who they are and admits an association with them, but says no more than that.
  • When the party arrives at Attigens ships belonging to the High King of Mid Realm and Trothgar’s family Clan Throrson are in port.
    • The High King is visiting his subject and celebrating a recent victory over a mighty fire giant tribe.
    • Trothgar’s little brother, Garundar, has taken over leadership of the clan after their father got too old and retired to their home mountain and their eldest brother died in a battle. Garundar has been campaigning with the High King as Earl Bromkar has not been actively raiding.
  • The party (except for Brokmund and Throthgar) met with Lady Minua, Bromkar’s young Gean wife, who implored them to persuade Bromkar to spare the gnome village.
  • The party has been invited to join Bromkar and the High King out in the hunting grounds.
Session 22, Day 28 evening
  • The party defeated the Sons of the Wearats and the roper guarding the sewer exit from Gai’Moora.
  • They met up with the elf Iliviel who directed them to the escape route to Tark’s airship.
  • Iliviel informs them that The Grimtooth Battalion have hired themselves out to the Sons of the Kraken at a discount to hunt for the party.
  • Kiri and The Fonk have second thoughts about turning themselves into Earl Bromkar, fearing for their lives, but the party convinced them that it was the best chance save their village, Burrabor, from the wrath of the Earl.
  • The party use personal balloons to raise themselves into the night sky where they are picked up by Tark’s airship where they find the already rescued crew of Captain Olandar’s ship.
  • The party set course to return to Attigen with the rescued dwarven miners.

(Note: this loot will be awarded upon arrival in Attigen, but there are some items we will cover on the airship before that, but you can divy this up between sessions.)
Loot: 7 Art Objects (250 GP each) – large tapestry of the longship “Ice Reaver”, carved ivory statuette of a wolf, silver necklace with pearls, bronze crown of stag horns, box of turquoise animal figurines, large tapestry of a fjord, gold ring set with bloodstones

Potion of Superior Healing (8d4+8), Chime of Opening, Spell Scroll (Raise Dead), Potion of Mind Reading

Session 21, Day 28 evening
  • Defeated the Mega Kraken Bot and the necromancer Mivra.
  • Left one Sons of the Kraken alive and told him that the party was only interested in the dwarven miners, and Earl Bromkar was not officially attacking the SotK.
  • The party took Mivra with them but left her guarded by the Mid Realm faithful.
  • The Fonk, Kiri, Captain Olander, and first mate Saburo accompany the party through the sewers.
  • Brother Virtok gave the party a gift of items to help them in their escape and to thank them for giving his people a second chance with their gods.
  • Brother Virtok and his men distracted the majority of the gang, Sons of the Wererat, but three remained. The party engaged the SotW, but then discovered a roper was also guarding them.

Loot: Double barrel musket +1 (Shamash), short sword +2 with dwarven runes (K’un L’un), Portion of Climbing, Spell Scroll (Faerie Fire), Potion of Healing (Myron), Spell Scroll (Burning Hands)

Session 20, Day 28 evening

Day 28, evening

  • In the basement of the prison the party started a fight with more Kraken children who formed their individual robot vehicles into one larger robot.
  • The strange engine started up and killed an unknown man trapped in the glass tube, kickstarting the engine on.
  • Steen freed captain Olander and first mate Saburo from their glass tubes.
  • Mivra, the necromancer’s daughter, revealed herself to be allied to the Sons of the Kraken and started to fight back against the party.
Session 19, Day 28 evening

Day 28, evening

  • The party broke into the Gai Moor’a jail defeating the outside and ground level guards.
  • The party goes down the elevator where the other prisoners said the ship captain and first mate were taken.
  • Deep below the prison the party found a strange, giant engine. Four prisoners were trapped in glass tubes connected to the engine:
    • Captain Gosta Olander
    • First mate Saburo
    • Mivra, daughter of the necromancer Yorin
    • Unknown human male
  • Kraken children in mechanical suites are guarding them.

Loot: steamplate with wired mace connected to an electrical generator (1d6 lightning damage, CON save vs DC 14 or be stunned. Check each round to break stun. Each use consume an additional 1/4th of the steamplate’s elemental coal fuel)

Session 18, Day 28

Day 28, early morning

  • The party decided to leave Tark once he spotted them and moved into the street into the view of the city guard.
  • Party scouted the green house where the Grimtooth were holding the elemental coal. They chose not to engage them that night.
  • Long rest

Day 28, afternoon

  • Overnight the Sons of the Kraken (SoK) discover the merchant ship that transported the party to Gai Moor’a. They put guards on the ship and imprison the ship officers near the SoK throne room.
  • The SoK are now willing to buy the elemental coal from the Grimtooth Battalion.
  • The party waits till nightfall to rescue the officers.

Day 28, evening

  • Tark sends word that he wants to help the party.
  • They meet in a warehouse for the Gea god temples. They party agreed to help Tark clear shipping lanes, in return he will rescue the crew while the party gets the officers. Tark will also fly them all out from an airship he has nearby.

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