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  • Bromkar Floki, Earl

    One of the first Mid-Realm earls to bring his clan warriors into this world, the now fifty year old Bromkar raided the lands belonging to the humans of Rhodic and The Duri Federation alike. For years during the Coven wars he harassed the allied kingdoms …

  • Miratari

    Known: * Her father, who went insane, tried to have her killed. * The most brilliant engineer and artificer of his day, Kwalish, protected Miratari by hiding her and putting her into cryogenic sleep. * She thinks she is a powerful cleric capable of …

  • Howellan Tark

    Professor Howellan Tark (a.k.a. “Howie”) is a Fankorian researcher and industrialist who created weapons for the allies including Earl [[:bromkar-floki-earl | Bromkar]]'s forces. He also ran the creation forge which created [[:kun-lun | K'un L'un]].

  • Beyfor Floki

    Half-elf son of [[:bromkar-floki-earl | Earl Bromkar]] from his first marriage to a Mid-Realm wife. He cannot walk, but has a special suit of steamplate that allows him to walk and fight, and is a capable warrior. While born in the Mid-Realm he spent most …

  • Mivra

    Daughter of the necromancer Yorin and a necromancer herself. She lived in Gai'Moora and developed a powerful necrodrive that consumed souls for energy. After the defeat of her allies the Sons of the Krakken she was taken as a slave by Earl Bromkar.

  • Kiri

    Gnome scout of Burrabor. Her sister was killed by the elf Thjafi of Attigen. She tried to take vengeance on Attigen, but got into trouble in Gai'Moora. Rescued she made an alliance between Attigen and Burrabor and now serves in Attigen's military.

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