Gear & Axe

Session 37, Day 80-81

Day 80

  • The party defeated the un-aligned Mid-Realm longship. The longship was too damaged and was cut away to drift down to the Grimwald forest.
  • One prisoner was taken, the dwarf Breykor, who belonged to Trothgar’s clan. He said that he broke is oath to Earl Bromkar because he felt the gods had forsaken him for allowing Valhalla to be poisoned. Trothgar executed him.
  • In the evening Brokmund and Throthgar sent all the souls from the longship to Valhalla.

Loot: 45 gp, Shield of Missile Defense

Day 81

  • At the end of the afternoon, the airship was attacked by orcs riding giant bats planting bombs on top of the ship’s envelope . They are worshipers of Shargaas, the orc god of darknesss and ambush.



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