Gear & Axe

Session 38, Day 81-85

Day 81

  • The party defeated the Orcs of Shargaas.
  • Brokmund tamed a giant bat.
  • The airship limped to the village of Burrabor for repairs.
  • Beyfor told them that a known pirate from Gai’Moora, a crewmember of the ironclad The Siren’s Anvil, was asking around the docks of Attigen for the party’s plans, and learned that they were heading to the Swamp of the Hag.

Day 82

  • Repairs were made to the party’s airship, The Black Agate.

Day 83

  • The party set off again towards the Swamp of the Hag.

Day 84

  • The party flew over a dead lake, surrounded by 200 yards of dead folliage.

Day 85

  • In the early afternoon the party spotted a downed airship. It was identified as a Duri Federation warship.
  • They moved to investigate.



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