Gear & Axe

Session 44, Day 86-90

Day 86

  • The necromancer Yorin captured the party and planned to trade them to Earl Bromkar for his imprisoned daughter.
  • Earl Bromkar communicated with each party member through a Sending, and asked them if they wanted him to negotiate for their release, attempt a violent rescue, or something else.
  • Brokmund prayed to the god Brokkr to release the soul of the valkyrie Sigrund from Black Rain and the god listened and granted his request.
  • Vaunk attempted to convince Yorin that he wanted to change sides, but was then put back into the cell.

Day 90

  • Earl Bromkar led a force of 50 flying longships to ambush the Krakken’s Anvil.
  • The Krakken was temporarily disabled by the necromancer Mivra, its necrodrive faltering. Mivra had changed sides to support Earl Bromkar.
  • Bromkar rammed his own ship into the side of the Krakken allowing them to board. While the earl fought the undead, Kiri with a crack squad of gnomes freed the party and moved them to the rescue ship.
  • As Bromkar returned to the longship, he was shot and killed by Captian Harsoka, the Death Knight, wielding Black Rain. The Attigen forces recovered his body and escaped.
  • The Krakken’s necrodrive recovered and they flew away instead of fighting off the remaining longships.
  • With Bromkar dead and un-resurrectable the Mid Realm people believed that Odin had forsaken their lord, and decide to return to Attigen and choose a new leader.
  • Beyfor warned the party that it could be a chaotic if not bloody power struggle.
  • The party decided to return as well to maintain order in Attigen.



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