Gear & Axe

Session 9, Day 20-26

Day 20 – 26

  • The party continued to sail towards the neutral town of Gai Moor’a
    • Encountered giant crabs, a friendly group of aquatic elves allied with Earl Bromkar, and outraced a pirate ship
    • The night before arriving at Gai Moor’a, Howie Tark brought the two party members on watch (K’un L’un and Brokmund) to the back of the boat and showed them his toolkit, offering upgrades for K’un L’un should he want.
  • Upon arrival in Gai Moor’a the party took to the streets under the guise of mercenary guards on shore leave. The ship was asked to wait until the party is ready to leave.
    • Visiting a shrine to the Mid Realm gods, Throthgar developed a rapport with the devout deserters seeking redemption in the eyes of Odin and Thor. Led by the old veteran, Brother Vitel, the faithful reported that the gnomes tried to sell the dwarven miners to the Sons of the Kraken, but neither the gnomes or the dwarves have been seen since that meeting over two weeks ago.
    • Visiting the slave market Brokmund buys a Fankorian engineer (Bob) to give him a second chance. The party is told that the gnomes, led by The Fonk, tried to sell the dwarves in the market originally, but said they would get ten fold the price from the Sons of the Kraken because the dwarves had political value. The engineer is sent to the boat to wait for the party.

Day 26

  • Myron hit the street and discovered that Tark is taking bids for smuggled suits of steamplate he’s trying to sell. This goes against the wishes of Earl Bromkar who does not want more weapons sold to a town he wants fealty from.
  • Vaunk also hit the streets and was accosted by Sons of the Kraken guard who were looking for a certain “country” gnome. They offered a reward for information leading to this gnome’s location.



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