Gear & Axe

Session 40, Day 85-86

Day 85

  • The party defeated the Orcs of Shargaas.
  • They discovered that the Duri Federation airship was brought down by something that withered its hull and crushed. Also there were no survivors or bodies left.
  • The party continued their journey.

Loot: 2500 cp, 1600 sp, 70 gp, 4 pistols, 6 muskets, 160 bullets, 12 horns of gunpowder, 4 kegs of gunpowder, 4 chain mail, 12 short swords, 22 days of rations, 45 days of dried food.

Day 86

  • The party came upon the ironclad pirate ship from Gai’Moora, now named the Krakken’s Anvil.
  • It has been upgraded by the necromancer Yorin and it can now fly.
  • Yorin wants to capture the party and trade them to Earl Bromkar for his captured daughter.
  • The party ran into the cover of the purple storm cloud.



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